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- More than Just Property Networking!

Property and property investment is not just about bricks and mortar, locations or great deals - it's very much a people business – and your success in property will be directly related to the number of property and related-business people you meet, get to know and learn from.

It is no coincidence that the more successful property investors and entrepreneurs are those who regularly attend the many and varied Property and Business Networking events throughout the UK, and develop relationships with their growing list of contacts along the way.


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So How Can We Help You Succeed in Property?

At Leeds Property Networking we are dedicated to help you in your property business and its development, and we do this using a combination of:

  • Networking. It is important for you to get out there and meet as many people as possible – you just don’t know what doors will open or the opportunities this will uncover. So not only will we tell you about our own Leeds Property Networking events - each month we will also let you know about as many of the other property and business networking events happening around the UK as we can – so if we don’t see you in Leeds, we’re bound to see you at one of the others!
  • Informational Newsletters and Articles that you will receive direct in your inbox, with edited highlights and summary articles available for you right here on the website; and
  • A weekly listing of recommended services from carefully selected partners – both property and non-property – who have specific offers for you or your clients from time-to-time;

Our Networking Structure

At Leeds Property Networking we provide you with a relaxed and informal environment to meet, get to know and to interact with like-minded property professionals from all around the UK, the North, Yorkshire and the greater Leeds areas. Members of the community come from a variety of professions and bring a wealth of experience to the group, from both the property world and the business world; travelling from far-and-wide to attend our monthly events: Inverness and Glasgow, London and the South-east, and one intrepid visitor made it all the way from Egypt!

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month in central Leeds, and the event is usually split into three segments:

18:30 to 20:00 -
Registration and Open Networking – an opportunity to meet your host, Michael Entwistle, and to network with the other attendees. Find out who’s doing what and get to know the hot topics of the month;

20:00 to 21:00 -
The Round Table Discussion. The (in)formal part of the evening. Over the last year Leeds Property Networking has pioneered and refined the concept of the Round Table Discussion at our events. Often copied, but never surpassed, the Round Table Discussion can take a variety of forms: an informal presentation; a knowledge-sharing discussion; Power Networking; a short lecture with questions and answers, and so on. In short, it is the best way for all the attendees to participate in the discussion and learn from all those around them – something that few other Property Networking events can claim - as well as providing the educational content that attendees are looking for.

Previous Round Table Discussions have been Chaired by some of the best-known property professionals in the UK, and have included: Dan Latto from The Think Tank Group; Alastair Cooper from The Planning Game; John Lee from Property Cow and Love Property; Fraser MacDonald from Property-Fit; Jim Haliburton, The HMO Daddy; Russell Short from Landlord Finance; Phil Martin from the Mortgage Rescue Network & Rapid Property Buyers; Rhett Lewis from Rhett Lewis Education; Matthew Moody from Stanford Knight; Mike Edward from Energicert; Simon Grayson & Mark Homer from Progressive Property, Dan Eckelman from Dane Wealth Academy, Michael Entwistle from Leeds Property Networking, Nigel Oddy / Julian Maurice from Basement-Conversions.com, Ian Clarke from IRUN, Glenn Armstrong from Glenn Armstrong.com, Stephen Fay from Fylde Tax Accountants, Kevin Green, the Secret Millionaire (event notes), Karen Mills of Lawson Lets, Andy Phillips of Internet Marketing WhizKidz, and Paul Galbraith from Eye Bye Houses (more info from Paul). Come back soon to find out who will be joining us in 2011.

21:00 to close -
(usually by 22:30) – Open Networking. This part of the evening is whatever you want to make of it – invariably the Round Table Discussion continues, and connections and contacts continue to be made. At the end of the evening you can join us for a bite to eat, particularly when we have a guest speaker staying in Leeds overnight, or sometimes we will retire for a beer at one of the local bars. .


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