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Leeds Property Networking

Tuesday 12th May 2009,

from 18:30

Location: The Study, top floor at The Living Room, Greek Street, Leeds LS1 5BD
Cover Charge: £15.00 or £10.00 if you pre-register
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This month's Leeds Property Networking Event takes place on Tuesday 12th May from 18:30, an evening of networking and a Round Table Discussion led by Philip Martin

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Philip Martin, Mortgage Rescue Network & Rapid Property Buyers

Phil Martin is a happy husband and full time Dad to 5 daughters, Hope, Eve, w Joy, Grace and Melody. Phil and his wife Wendy semi -retired via licensing and marketing contracts in the year 2000 when they were both aged 27. Phil no enjoys building property portfolios for himself and for other investors and has recently purchased the well known property sourcing company Rapid Property Buyers.

Phil is passionate about helping vulnerable people, particularly those in fear of repossession and authored a guide called “Sustainable Solutions to Stopping Repossession”, and is available via a free download.

Phil sits on the Council of the Rent Back Charter Association and has been working with the OFT and the FSA to help them address the need for regulation of Sale and Rent Back in a balanced manner. The Mortgage Rescue Network has featured in the local and national press as an example of an ethical sale and rent back provider. The Mortgage Rescue Network (MRN) have a positive brand within the industry and are positioned well, as an honest and supportive organisation. There are currently 23 associates who regularly work with MRN, helping to promote the brand, support clients, qualify leads and help with administration. They have partnered with lead sellers and advice agencies and now receive in excess of 60 referral enquiries each day from people looking to sell their properties quickly or find a solution to their property problem.

On Tuesday 12th May Phil will lead the Round Table Discussion on:

"5 strategies that YOU can use to generate 1 million pounds in equity or cash during the Credit Crunch"

We look forward to seeing you there...don't forget to take advantage of the £10.00 cover charge and register using the form below...and then bring the email with you as proof of Registration.


The Living Room Leeds

Where to go

Our regular Venue is the Living Room which is on Greek Street in Leeds

The Living Room in Leeds opened in the summer of 2003 and continues to dominate the restaurant and bar industry in the city centre, offering consistent levels of exceptional service, quality food & drinks selection, and an atmosphere that Yorkshire diners just can’t get enough of. The Living Room restaurant focus remains on sourcing the best quality ingredients, preparing them simply and delivering bags of flavour and texture on the plate. This is good, honest, robust and stylish food with its origins firmly in the European tradition.

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Cover Charge £15 on the door or £10.00 if you pre-book using the form on the right.

If you need to contact me please feel free to email me at mike@LeedsPropertyNetworking.com

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Coming soon to Leeds Property Networking


Tuesday 9th June:

Rhett Lewis - Rhett Lewis Investments

Future Leeds Property Networking dates for your Diary:

Tuesday 14th July - Matthew Moody, Standford Knight (HMO Expert)
Tuesday 11th August
Tuesday 8th September
Tuesday 13th October
Tuesday 10th November
Tuesday 8th December

We look forward to seeing you at one of our future events.


Past Guests include:

John Lee, Property Cow & Love Property

A lot of the recent attendees have been wondering how to take advantage of the current climate for buying/controlling property, particularly following last month's excellent presentation by Russell Short from Landlord Finance. So I have asked my good friend, John Lee, to come and talk to us in April.

If you did not know, John is a Mentor to other property investors, the Author of "57 ways of negotiating with motivated sellers", one of the Property Experts on Inside Property Radio, the Co Host of Love Property and one of the co founders of Property Cow. John will be sharing with us some unique strategies that he is currently using to source and control property in the current climate. Some of the key questions John will answer:

  • How do you double the amount of deals you can do in a 2 months?
  • Why do most property investors fail?
  • Do I need lots of funds to invest in today's climate?

Some people pay John thousands for his time, expertise and answers to such questions, and many property investors have subsequently transformed the way they think and do business.


March 2009 Russell Short, Landlord Finance

Many of the recent attendees have been seeking help, guidance and straightforward information on how deals can be financed within the current climate. So I have asked Russell Short from Landlord Finance to come along to help us all gain a deeper understanding. Russell will cover the following key points:

  • An overview of current market conditions;
  • The Lenders' criteria and DIP application guidelines;
  • Current available rates and associated costs and terms;
  • How to utilise mortgage products effectively when planning your property purchases;
  • Inside knowledge of lenders' criteria and how to circumnavigate some of the issues;

This will be followed by a question and answer session with Russell and two of Landlord Finance's experienced brokers.

Russell asked me to provide you with the following information:

Landlord Finance Ltd are a specialist BTL mortgage broker providing impartial advice on availablke mortgage products for the savvy investor and landlord. We have access to a range of BTL lenders and specialist lenders for open and closed bridging. We run and attend a number of networking events aimed at providing key information essential to investors in what is now one of the most difficult markets. Invaluable advice without the sales pitch. Further details of our services can be found at www.landlordfinanceltd.com


Jim Haliburton.February 2009, Jim Haliburton, The HMO Daddy

Jim began buying property in 1992 and letting his houses to students, organising or doing the work on the property himself. The tenants/students all came from the College where Jim worked as a lecturer.

In July 2003 Jim left his job as a College Lecturer and decided to invest in property full time. At that point he set himself a target to purchase a further 50 properties before the buy-to-let boom finished. In the end it took him 18 months, and though prices have stopped rising as fast, the lenders still seem keen to lend and there seems no end to the interest in buy-to-let.

Jim now owns over 86 HMO's / Multi-Lets with over 500 tenants. On top of this he has about 20 houses and flats which are let as single-lets plus several development projects in progress. He keeps on telling himself to stop buying property and consolidate his position, but anybody in the property business will know how difficult it is to stop buying once you have started.

Having left his post as a Lecturer, he needed a teaching outlet so began holding small workshops for property investors interested in the HMO side of the business. So come along on Tuesday 10th February and let Jim give you a flavour of:

  • How easy it is to set up a HMO;
  • How to triple your income;
  • Regulations in setting up HMO;
  • How to select the right property;
  • How to select the right tenant;

As usual, we will bring a variety of property experts to you, sharing their own strategies to help you plan the year ahead.

Why not come along to February's event - you may just unlock that key fact or meet the person to help you succeed in 2009.



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