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Paul Galbraith:
Property Investor, Entrepreneur & LHA Expert

Additional information from Paul, April 2011

We were privaledged to have Paul Galbraith, Leeds--based LHA Expert, visit Leeds Property Networking in April 2011.

We were also privileged to have Dan Latto in attendance. Dan helped get the Leeds Property Networking events off the ground, and has been a long-time supporter and occasional speaker. Dan is certainly someone we should all look-up to in property: he recently sold his lettings business (The Think Tank) but continues to hold on to his profitable portfolio; his furniture business goes from strength-to-strength, and he is now focussing on business/ personal coaching and his Marketing Your Small Business events. You can find out more about Dan here >>>

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Paul Galbraith, Property Investor, Entrepreneur & LHA Expert...


Paul has been busy building his various property businesses...which is why he has not been to a Leeds Property Networking event since November 2009...anyway, it was great to have Paul along in April, and he really helped us understand more about the recent LHA changes, which came into effect at the beginning of April 2011. Below is the information Paul asked me to share, and which supports his Round Table Discussion...and if you want more information from Paul, he has also included his contact detailes below.


Information from Paul Galbraith (formatted and updated for the website)

Visit www.Discounted-Property.com if you are looking to buy packaged property deals in Leeds / Yorkshire, either for investment purposes – or you are looking to buy your next home on the cheap! For letting agents/solicitors/mortgage brokers – Paul runs a referral scheme & you can pick up any back end work – drop me an email if you want to find out more. Paul advises that ANYONE can provide referrals to his business & earn a few £££ .

Paul also talked about "DropBox" - click here to find out more >>>

You can use DropBox to share files between multiple computers & your smartphone. You can also use it to share certain files and/or folders/ between other people so you can collaborate or avoid sending large files in emails. It is a FREE service (up to 2GB) & well worth registering! It can also serves as ‘temporary backup’ for some of your most important computer files...here's the link again: Dropbox online storage solutions >>>

Paul also demonstrated his paperless accounting system - Shoeboxed - the easiest way to scan receipts and business cards.

Visit www.LHAtraining.co.uk to download a FREE report on the new LHA / Housing Benefit updates & get details of the WarmFront (FREE central heating) grant.

Email is the best way to get hold of Paul as he is frantically busy – but he's always happy to help!

Paul's Postal Address is: PO Box 153, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 1AL


For more information about Michael Entwistle or Leeds Property Networking, visit the homepage or email Mike at: enquiries@LeedsPropertyNetworking.com


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